Dr. Marmureanu Test Drives His New Porsche 911 GT3 R With Patrick Long and Porsche Motorsports

"We drove until we ran out of gas and it couldn't have gone any better."

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f 28 2017 Latest News 154

Dr. Marmureanu on the Benefits of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Procedures

Dr. Marmureanu annually treats over 500 patients.

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f 03 2017 Surgical Technology 154

Dr. Marmureanu Performs a VAT Lung Biopsy

There are multiple techniques employed for a biopsy.

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f 05 2016 Surgical Procedures 154

Dr. Marmureanu Performs Beating Heart Bypass Surgery

370,000 Americans die annually of coronary artery disease.

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f 27 2016 Latest News 154

Dr. Marmureanu Performs Complex Ten-Hour Double Heart Valve Replacement

It was a difficult case but nobody wanted to give up.

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f 02 2015 Surgical Procedures 154

Dr. Alexander Marmureanu Participated in the Gumball Rally alongside Lewis Hamilton

Dr. Alexander Marmureanu competed in the renowned Gumball 3000 motor rally.

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f 02 2015 Latest News 154

Robin Williams Had Talked With Dr. Marmureanu Several Months Before the Actor Took His Life

I encouraged him to call me whenever his health issues were bothering him.

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f 30 2013 Latest News 154

Dr. Marmureanu Believes Hard Work Is the Key to Success

In 2002, he founded the California Heart & Lung Surgery Medical Center.

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f 11 2010 Latest News 154

A 15-Year-Old Girl Injured in a Snowboarding Accident Was Rescued by Dr. Marmureanu

We didn't do much. We got lucky that we found her.

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f 31 2008 Latest News 154