Alexander Marmureanu Radio ProDiaspora Interview

Viorel Vintila from Radio ProDiaspora recently aired an interview with Dr. Alexander Marmureanu, the Los Angeles based internationally recognized thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon. During the interview, Dr. Marmureanu talked about his career, private practice, hobbies, Romanian roots, and his children.

Currently, he works in seven hospitals in Los Angeles, and he is the chief of cardiothoracic surgery in three hospitals, trying to keep a healthy balance between his work and his private life.

During the interview, asked about the current COVID-19 pandemic situation in California, Dr. Marmureanu shares his belief that wearing the masks, practicing social distancing, and following the CDC rules will need to continue over the following period.

Asked to offer advice for young Romanians who want to be successful in the US, Dr. Marmureanu imparts that a robust work ethic, hard and perseverant work is the key to success. Dr. Marmureanu considers cardiothoracic surgery to be his foremost passion, but he also enjoys various leisure activities. During the interview, he opens up about his hobbies, such as competitive car racing, tennis, and skiing, and mentions that in 2020 he participated in the Baja 1000 desert race and qualified as 1st with his Porsche 911 GT3 R, on the GT3 Cup. Asked about his plans for the future, Dr. Marmureanu replied that he is very busy, having many patients, but in March, after he gets his COVID-19 vaccine, he will go to Alaska for helicopter skiing.