Interview with Dr. Alexander R. Marmureanu for TVR Plus

On October 27th, 2020, Prof. Dr. Alexander Radu Marmureanu, primary physician of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, accepted the invitation to TVR Plus's special tv show "A Doctor for You", where the most talented specialists in the medical field are invited. The topics are fascinating, and they are based on the day-to-day problems that affect the lives of people.

"A Doctor for You" celebrates 13 years of broadcast on TVR Plus, and for this special occasion, they invited Dr. Marmureanu, to share a token of their appreciation to the man that 40 years ago decided to fulfill his dream of becoming the best thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon in Hollywood. He received the "Excellence Diploma" for promoting the Romanian values abroad.

When asked about the importance of these interactive medical shows specially made for the Romanians that live in all the corners of the world, Dr. Marmureanu proudly offered a positive answer, underlining the fact that people follow the show on social media and listen to the advice offered by the doctors.

He then moved on to a more delicate subject - Covid-19 and offered a few details on the situation in the US, regarding the pandemic, which differs from state to state. In his opinion, the idea of getting back to normal is far from happening right now, so people must remain patient, wash their hands, wear the mask, and avoid crowded places.