Dr. Marmureanu Goes Helicopter Skiing in Valdez, Alaska

As the foremost thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Alexandru Marmureanu includes challenging activities in his calendar whenever his +400 surgery/year schedule allows it.

Besides his well-known passion for car racing which has led him to enter numerous competitions and achieve impressive results over the years, Dr. Marmureanu also indulges in tennis and skiing.

In May 2022, the internationally known surgeon had the opportunity to partake in one of his favorite pastimes when he visited the Tsaina Lodge, located among the towering peaks of the Chugach Mountains in Valdez, Alaska.

Known for its high concentration of quality terrain and slopes, the Chugach range was geologically shaped by glaciers with mountains rising at steep angles, enveloping scenic glacier runs between their ridges.

Dr. Marmureanu experienced the high-altitude thrill of helicopter skiing in pristine conditions with access provided by Valdez Heli-Ski Guides from Tsaina Lodge. With Mount Diamond located right behind the lodge and offering 6,200 feet in a single run, which is not even the tallest in the range, the area boasts many runs that are 3,500 feet in length across 10,000 square miles of fresh and stable snow.

With more blue and black runs than any other dozen resorts in the state combined, the surgeon skied across the legendary terrain, enjoying the ideal weather and the extreme descents of the Chugach mountains, nurtured by 500 inches of snow a year.

While medicine is his number one passion professionally, Dr. Marmureanu believes that keeping a diverse range of hobbies and vigorous activities is conducive to healthy living and continuously inspiring.