Interview with Dr. Marmureanu at the Romanian Cultural Capitol

This edition of the show "Cultural Capital with Catalin Stefanescu", broadcasted on Friday, October 27, at 22:00, on #TVRCultural, had Alexandru Marmureanu, cardiothoracic surgeon invited.

In the year in which Timisoara (a city in Romania) is the cultural capital of Europe, the city also becomes the place where Romanians who have made exceptional careers in other corners of the world, have achieved outstanding professional performances, and are part of the world's elite in the fields in which they work.

As part of a wider project to open up the academic space and multidisciplinary communication with the public, the Polytechnic University of Timisoara welcomes these personalities to the cultural capital of Europe, to present them to the public at home, but also to all compatriots who have chosen to live beyond Romania's borders.

The format of the project is a dialogue with the public, recorded, and filmed in a cultural, interdisciplinary space of the Politehnica Timisoara University. The audience is also composed of students from all academic institutions in the city.

This interview was edited and translated into English, the original version can be found here.