Interview with Dr. Alexander Marmureanu at TVR International HQ

After being a guest on the medical talk show "A doctor for you" for so many editions, Dr. Marmureanu decided to pay TVR International a visit at their headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. On his first day back in Romania, Dr. Marmureanu went to the regional studio of TVR and gave an interview right in front of the prestigious building. There were a lot of nostalgic moments for Dr. Marmureanu and for the casting crew as well. The inside of the building was filled with a lot of memorable events that took place a long time ago, that Dr. Marmureanu admitted to having watched with his parents when he was a little boy.

This was Dr. Marmureanu's first time visiting the TVR International HQ and he was beyond impressed. He offered his personal opinion regarding the show "A doctor for you" and discussed the latest innovations in the cardiology field. Dr. Marmureanu also praised the Faculty of Medicine from Craiova, stating that the school in Romania is very good.

Towards the end of the interview, Dr. Marmureanu shared some of his hobbies and said that he gained these in Romania when he was young and that he never gave them up because it makes him happy to practice these sports.