Interview with Dr. Marmureanu on Realitatea TV

Dr. Alexander Marmureanu was invited to "Laws of Power" a popular show on Realitatea TV, in Romania, to discuss the current situation of the coronavirus in the US, particularly in California where Dr. Marmureanu lives and works. Recently, California surpassed New York, becoming the center of the US covid crisis.

When asked about the reopening of the schools, Dr. Marmureanu explained that it all depends on the state, because in California the schools are closed and they might not reopen soon due to the daily amount of Covid-19 cases.

He also underlines the fact that the situation changed and the kids can infect their grandparents. So, with the new strain, it's very complicated, and people can get COVID-19 faster. Furthermore, Dr. Marmureanu highlights the fact that the hospitals in California are relatively closed and are only taking urgent cases.