Exclusive Interview with Dr. Marmureanu at the 2023 Cultural Capital of Timisoara

Dr. Alexander Marmureanu received an invitation from Conf. Univ. Dr. Ing. Florin Dragan, rector of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara to attend the event "Cultural Capital with Catalin Stefanescu - Exceptional dialogues with outstanding Romanians" that took place in Timisoara, Romanian from Jul 15th until July 30th.

Ten big personalities joined this event (including Dr. Marmureanu) from fields such as culture, scientific research, and technology. The main idea of this project was to showcase Romanians that built outstanding careers abroad and brought well-known contributions to the cultural and international patrimony. Dr. Marmureanu's interview took place on Jul 28, at 19:00 PM EEST. For two hours Dr. Marmureanu discussed with Catalin Stefanescu - a renowned journalist in Romania and host of this event, personal details about his life, scientific research, and career, here in Los Angeles. See details about this event here.